• An overwhelming experience

  • The most beautiful place in Argentina

  • Reconnect with your senses

  • A magical tour in a magical region

The puna jujeña, that magical territory located between Route 9 and Route 40 to the N.O.A. populated by originary communities, waiting for you to interact and meet them.
At the northern limit with Bolivia and west with Chile, between 3800 and 4200 meters above sea lever you will find stories, traditions, ceremonies, landscapes, volcanic ruins, cave paintings and communities that are part of the Kolla culture and look after this ancient territory.

We invite you to an experiential trip traveling the roads, the routes and the original communities of our Puna Jujeña, a trip to awaken your senses, a journey of rural tourism and community interaction through one of the most unexplored and beautiful regions of our country.


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A journey to the soul of the Puna Jujeña

For the first time in the Puna

A 5-day/4-nights rural crossing through villages and places inhabitants by native communities settled among mountains at 4000mts above sea level, with their ancestral habits and their unique religious beliefs who also looks after our territory.

To get closer to the roots of our land

To understand part of the origin of our Argentina, which hundreds of years ago was part of the Inca Empire and then, as time went by, found its own identity.

The puna jujeña

Has a life of it´s own; ancestral habits, centennial beliefs and lifestyle have remained.